The second you are running out of idea of how to decorate your house, consider using horse wall art as an alternative. Why? Well, you need to do it by yourself to know why but let’s delve a bit into the historical territory. The oldest form of equine art is presented in the form of cave paintings in the caves of Lascaux. The paintings are thought to be at least 16,000 years old. If that was not impressive, then nothing would be for you. The Uffington White Horse in Britain is also another testament to how great horses are as a subject of art.

It is a collection of prehistoric hill figures that were carved on a hill, shaped like horses…

They are also thousand years old and are still observable to date. Among the ancient Egyptians and Greeks, horses were part of the common motifs of their art. Ancient people displayed their exceptional knowledge over equine anatomy through a string of art works, chief among them was depictions of chariots drawn by horses, found on Standard of Ur dating back to around 2500BC. Horses are also common source of ideas for many contemporary painters.

El Greco began working on his Saint Martin and the Beggar during the period of 1597-1600, which depicted Saint Martin himself riding on the back of a horse. Pablo Picasso painted his own take on horse with Boy Leading a Horse, his most notable of such subject, within the period of 1905-06 which depicted a boy walking in front of his horse. His 1937’s Guernica also used horse as a central theme. Other artists such as Franz Marc, Susan Rothenberg, and Deborah Butterfield began incorporating equine elements in their works in the 70s. Impressionist Edgar Degas was renowned for his paintings that were centered on dancers but horses and horse racing were also common themes in his works.

If those facts do not give you the idea of how great horse wall art is, then perhaps nothing would be able to…

A horse wall art will give off certain dynamic ambiance to imbue a room with. Yet, as is the case with horse movement, the dynamic in question would also be dramatic and elegant. The resulting effect to expect is the kind of layer of texture that is sure to improve the look of your house. You can choose from anything like whole-canvas painting, split-canvas one, framed-canvas variety, or framed-prints of horse art.